UNMET Jobs Arizona 2021 with Emily Ahrens and Rich Dredge

By Valley Business Radio

UNMET Jobs is a free virtual job fair happening across Arizona, powered by Largely, a jobs platform that re-humanizes the hiring experience. The platform uses technology to help both businesses and job seekers find the perfect match. Joining us to talk about it is Emily Ahrens, Chief Marketing Officer of UNMET Jobs and Rich Dredge, founder and CEO of Largely.

You can learn more about the UNMET Jobs Arizona 2021 free virtual job fair for employers and job seekers at https://unmetjobs.com/

Emily Ahrens joined the UNMET team as Chief Marketing Officer, with the goal of launching the Jobs conferences across the country, leading the expansion for UNMET beyond investment conferences. Emily brings over 10 years of marketing and media experience, working within strategy and activation at WME/IMG on various Superbowl, Olympic, and other high-profile events. Leading the UNMET Jobs team, Emily manages, plans and executes marketing strategies, media outreach efforts, and overall brand initiatives.

Rich Dredge is the CEO/Co-Founder of Largely, a jobs platform that re-humanizes the hiring experience. Rich is also the CEO/Co-Founder of Thumbraise, a platform that enables investors and startups to connect using short-form videos. Previously Rich served as COO, CRO, and CEO at Answers Corp, a holding company that operated a diverse digital media and SaaS company portfolio that exited in 2014 for over $900m. Before Answers, Rich served as Chief Architect for IHG’s $6B+ sales and distribution platforms for 7 years. Rich has been building web-based platforms since the early 90’s.

UNMET Jobs Arizona 2021 – https://unmetjobs.com

Largely – https://www.largely.com

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